We understand that The global non-profit landscape is diverse. We help you determine how to make the biggest impact.

The global non-profit landscape has evolved in the 25 years since the CorpsGiving Foundation board members began working in the social impact space. Whereas organizations once tackled problems like education in silos, it's now important to understand all aspects of a problem to create a more holistic solution — hungry kids can't learn no matter how many opportunities they're given. 

Additionally, we understand that communities' needs differ greatly by city, region, and country. We also know how time consuming and laborious it is for those working within these constraints for the first (or fifth!) time. We work within the existing infrastructure to provide the best solutions possible to address others' needs.

With years of experience working with other non-profits, the CorpsGiving Foundation creates top-flight volunteer programs that engage employees, benefit companies, and strengthen communities.

Select Foundation Partners 


While Lockheed Martin has an outstanding employee volunteer program supported by multiple non-profits across the US, there are still many markets in which planning an event can become a challenge. 

Since 2015, the CorpsGiving Foundation has been the facilitator for many "Service Days" for Lockheed Martin employees. From New York to California, the CorpsGiving Foundation has sourced projects that assist veterans by building homes, providing renovations to existing homes to accommodate veterans' injuries, and improving common and outdoor spaces at veterans' shelters. Volunteers are often able to meet with veterans; and in 2017, they were able to make and share meals with the veterans they had served during the day.

Synopsys partnered with the CorpsGiving Foundation on a Global Volunteer Day project in Porto, Portugal, bringing employees and their families together for a high-impact, done-in-a-day volunteer project at Aldeais SOS.


AT&T partnered with the CorpsGiving Foundation for its 2018 REVOLUTION Day of Service, hosted in conjunction with National Volunteer Week.


On that day, nearly 600 sellers of DirectTV and AT&T Mobility products from across the United States gathered in Dallas, Texas, to participate in a multi-nonprofit social impact program.

Participants were able to choose from numerous
activities — from building nesting boxes for the local Audubon Society or making blankets for pediatric patients at a nearby hospital to making paracord bracelets for active military members — to find a cause that resonated with them.